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Anesthesia and Analgesia in Swine - sciwhi004


Anesthesia and analgesia is frequently required for swine in research due to the nature of the invasive procedures that are performed. Their use as preclinical models (translational research) frequently involves surgical implantation of devices, major invasive surgery and creation of disease conditions, such as heart failure. Selection of an appropriate protocol which considers the physiologic effects of the pharmacologic agents for anesthesia/analgesia is an important aspect of designing an experiment. This article seeks to provide a practical guide to anesthetizing swine in the laboratory. More detail is provided in recent reference books. This manuscript is complementary to other fact sheets on this website. Dosages of all agents in the text are in the tables at the end of the manuscript. For IV infusion protocols for all agents the infusion dosage in the tables is given to effect and cardiovascular parameters must be monitored.


M. Michael Swindle, DVM, Professor Emeritus, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston

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