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A quick guide to the most important insights in your dermal testing research program

Scratching The Surface Of Dermal Testing Ebook

In "Scratching the Surface of Dermal Testing," Sinclair Research’s Director of Toxicology and Dermatology Jeffrey Klein will help you understand the options for dermal studies, how to streamline the development process while decreasing program costs, and how you can accelerate the timeline to obtain regulatory approval for your new product and progress into clinical trials.

The competition for getting new dermal products on the market is fierce and ensuring that your research program is optimized to accelerate your research and development time and overcome regulatory obstacles can mean the difference between a success and failure of your new compound.

Download our free e-book today and let the scientific experts at Sinclair Research help you get your non-clinical dermal studies started quickly and efficiently so you can get your product to market faster.

Sections include:

  • How non-clinical dermal testing differs from other kinds of drug studies
  • Questions you should consider when preparing to conduct a dermal research program
  • What you and your non-clinical research team should know before starting a program
  • How to choose the right FDA regulatory pathway for your product