MHC Defined Lineages for Transplantation

White Paper
MHC Defined Lineages for Transplantation - sciwhi024


Resource herds of swine leukocyte antigen (SLA)-characterized miniature pigs are an important tool for the study of immune responses and disease resistance. Miniature swine are valuable animal models for biomedical  research, such as transplantation. SLA typing is important for use of these models in xenotransplantation research. The Yucatan breed of miniature pig is a significant breed for biomedical research that is available from both, our Missouri and Maine production facilities. Dr. Douglas Smith of the University of Michigan has characterized the SLA polymorphism of the Yucatan breeding stock in the Sinclair Research Center (SRC) herd maintained in Missouri. Scientists can obtain Yucatan miniature swine of the same or different haplotypes. SRC maintains frozen earpunch tissue of piglets for further MHC/SLA typing, as required by client needs. SLA typing is a valuable tool for the characterization of SLA alleles and haplotypes in resource herds of pigs. Please contact us to discuss your special needs.

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