Nonsurgical Vascular Catheterization Techniques in Swine

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Nonsurgical Vascular Catheterization Techniques in Swine - sciwhi006


Collection of blood and intravascular administration of test substances is one of the most common procedures required in preclinical trials of therapeutic agents. Comprehensive descriptions of the various IV sites and the surgical approaches for chronic catheterization have been published. These methodologies include the implantation of SC vascular access ports as well as externalized catheters. Summaries of these surgical techniques are available in a series of manuscripts on this website. For short to midterm vascular catheterization it may not be desirable or necessary to perform surgical implantation of catheters. It is possible to catheterize some of the peripheral vessels and maintain patency for up to 10 days. However, as a general rule many of these techniques can only assure a reasonable percent of success for approximately 3-10 days. The purpose of this manuscript is to provide a description of some of the techniques of short term catheterization which have been successful in the author’s experience.


M. Michael Swindle, DVM, Professor and Chairman, Department of Comparative Medicine, Medical University of SC, Charleston, SC 29425

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