Normal Data on Selected Lineages of Miniature Swine

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Normal Data on Selected Lineages of Miniature Swine - SciPos144


In an effort to further support biomedical research, we recently updated a comprehensive dataset on normal data (reference intervals or ranges) for our four lineages of miniature swine. Included are Yucatan, Hanford, Sinclair S-1, and Micro-Yucatan lineages. This effort collates and summarizes normal biological and physiological data collected over many years. Data categories include: uses in biomedical research, body measurements (biometrics), growth, clinical pathology (hematology, chemistry, coagulation, urinalysis), organ weights, background histopathology findings, blood glucose, ocular, diet/feeding, cardiovascular, ECG, dermal, reproduction data, and references. Over 145 tables of data are presented. These data are offered to veterinarians, biomedical investigators, preclinical clients, and university staff to facilitate research when using our miniature swine animal models. This poster will outline the contents of this ‘book’ and present representative data tables. Copies of the full PDF on CDROM will be available by request.


Brocksmith, D., Trickey, J., Stewart, I., Shoemake, C., Bouchard, G.F.

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