An Introduction to ototoxicity

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Ototoxicity is a common, yet underappreciated, side effect of multiple drugs. Approximately 40% of currently approved medications list symptoms of auditory damage (hearing loss, tinnitus, and/or vestibular dysfunction) as potential risks, and some frequently used medications, such as platinum-based chemotherapeutics and aminoglycoside antibiotics, are well recognized to be very toxic to the ears. Despite these risks, the current regulatory environment fails to promote routine testing of ototoxicity during drug development. A list of 42 core tissues to be evaluated preclinically for toxicity, created by the Society of Toxicologic Pathology, does not include the ears, and the FDA has not issued any guidance to support broad screening for ototoxicity.  

On July 29, Sinclair Research and Turner Scientific presented “An Introduction to Ototoxicity: Appreciating and Assessing This Common Side Effect in Drug Development.”  

Presented by Drs. David Hicks and Jeremy Turner, this webinar explores the mechanisms of auditory dysfunction resulting from medication use, the multiple consequences of ototoxic damage in the lives of patients, and how ototoxicity can be detected in preclinical studies. We will also review the collaborative efforts of Turner Scientific and Sinclair Research in advancing GLP ototoxicity screening capabilities. 

In our webinar, Sinclair and Turner Scientific will help you learn: 

  • Basic pathophysiology of hearing loss, tinnitus, and vestibular dysfunction;

  • How auditory dysfunction, even at low levels, can significantly reduce quality of life;

  • How to overcome the challenges of screening for ototoxicity in preclinical studies; and

  • The status of the current regulatory landscape regarding ototoxicity, and efforts to improve routine surveillance of ototoxic damage. 

About the Presenters

Dr. Jeremy Turner is the Chief Scientific Officer and founder of Turner Scientific, a preclinical contract research organization located in Jacksonville, IL, specializing exclusively in otic research. Dr. Turner received his PhD in auditory neuroscience in 1999 at Northern Illinois University, and completed post-doctoral studies in auditory pharmacology at Southern Illinois University. He is a member of multiple scientific associations, and a member of the American Tinnitus Association's Scientific Advisory Committee.   

Dr. David Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer, of Turner Scientific. Dr. Hicks earned a medical degree in 2000 from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and completed otolaryngology training at the University of California, San Diego. 

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